The Challenge

VMware, the world’s leading provider of data center and desktop virtualization solutions, and its distributor partner, Arrow ECS, wanted to build up the VMware business in a targeted set of relatively underdeveloped geographies. And they wanted to build this business through their reseller partners, focusing initially on VMware’s virtualization operations management platform (vSOM) and virtual desktop infrastructure platform (Horizon Suite).

Xactlyit was brought in to orchestrate a campaign that was telemarketing-centric, but leveraged our proprietary prospect database, email marketing, and telemarketing capabilities in an integrated way..

Prospect Database

We were able to contribute over 300,000 relevant IT targets to the campaign that were specific to the targeted geographies – taken from the Xactlyit database.

Market Stimulation

Relevant messaging was developed and incorporated into an email campaign that presented VMware’s value proposition – and promotional, Free Trial opportunity – to the target markets. All click responses to the email were loaded into our CRM tool and became the basis for telemarketing follow-up.


Our telemarketing team, using a 3-call model, telequalified the click-thru contacts developing sales appointments and lead profiles for Arrow/VMware’s participating partners. Over 65 partners participated in the program, and over 140 qualified leads were passed to the participants. All leads are written up in separate “profile documents” that include actionable details for ease of sales follow-up.

Dashboard Reporting

Xactlyit telemarketing clients enjoy daily data refresh of campaign metrics via online dashboard reporting.  See main image on this page for an example, showing the leads-to-partners graphic. Also, a sample dashboard report is provided here.