Xactlyit Is Multi-Disciplinary

Xactlyit can apply its expertise and resources in email marketing, web marketing, and telemarketing to help our clients get engaged with new accounts and new business on an outbound basis. Clients get immediate traction on campaigns, because we have our own IT-contact database that can be segmented multiple ways. We provide our clients with exposure to their target market, stimulate and capture response from suspects, and qualify suspects into prospects and leads for sales pursuit.


One of the differentiating features of Xactlyit LLC is our proprietary contact database of over 1,000,000 IT executives and another 250,000 LOB executives. What’s more, we have contacts for over 20,000 resellers and other channel entities that allow us to do specific partner recruitment and development work that can be of substantial value to our clients.
Our database is built from the ground-up by us, and is not aggregated from other sources. We track over 175 deployed technologies in addition to standard corporate demographics, so we can offer critical segmentation to our IT oriented clients that includes an understanding of installed technologies.

Email Marketing

Xactlyit has a comprehensive email marketing capability that includes techniques for optimized delivery and detailed reporting on click-thrus by link, opens, bounce-backs, out-of-office notices, and more. Using your database our ours, we can get you the exposure you need. And because we are focused and have intimate knowledge of the IT space, we are also completely self-contained in our ability to develop appropriate messaging for your email campaign. Click here for more information on our email marketing capabilities.


Telemarketing can be a valuable component of any lead generation campaign, particularly where the client may not have its own inside sales organization to undertake lead qualification. Xactlyit provides teleprospecting and lead telequalification services, delivered by an organization that is US-based, speaks English as a primary language, and essentially “lives” in the IT space. We know how to probe for the business drivers that generate interest from IT and Line of Business leaders. Click here for more information on our telemarketing service.

Integrated Programs

Xactlyit can combine its web development, email marketing, message development, telemarketing and sophisticated reporting services into an integrated, multi-touch program for our clients.  This approach provides a  sustained flow of leads based on a phased approach to market stimulation and qualification.

What Clients Say

We tried several vendors before Xactlyit.  Xactlyit stepped up and made a big difference for us and our top partners with their knowledge of the tech space, adaptability to our systems, and helpful reporting.  Also, Xactlyit provides huge value in their ability to create turn-key messaging and copywriting that is dead-on for our technologies and the channel
Ms. Robbi Virdi, Marketing Manager, Arrow ECS