Marketing Automation – Where Does it Add Value?

Marketing Automation may take many forms – from cloud-based email blasting tools, to CRM systems, to web capture forms and and lead-scoring. Each form of marketing automation has its place, but it is important to keep in mind that marketing automation can’t correct for bad marketing alignment in the first place. If your target audience, […]

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Email Marketing Metrics

Here are some guidelines for email marketing metrics with respect to prospect-development types of emails targeting IT professionals.  If your campaign falls into this range, you are meeting industry standards.

Unique open rate: 10 to 20% after 3 blasts
Click-thru rate:  2 to 5% (based on the unique open rate)

It’s important to keep these metrics in mind […]

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Recipe for a Great Event

Events can be effective ways for organizations to build pipeline.  A well designed event featuring a topic that has educational interest with your target audience can draw important prospects into a dialog with you and ultimately into your pipeline.  We’ve run over 50 of them in the past year and can offer this “recipe” for […]

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Growth of Word Press

Xactlyit embraces Word Press as our principal web design framework and there are a lot of good reasons for it.  This includes time to stand-up your site, cost, flexibility, the fact that there are hundreds of stunning themes available to use, and that they are increasingly customizable with plugins. Not to mention hosting portability, built-in blogging, SEO […]

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