Email Marketing for IT Companies

Tailored Email Marketing for Tech Companies

Xactlyit has a comprehensive email marketing capability that includes techniques for optimized delivery and detailed reporting on click-thrus by link, opens, bounce-backs, out-of-office notices, and more.  Using your database our ours, we can get you the exposure you need.  And because we are focused and have intimate knowledge of the IT space, we are also completely self-contained in our ability to develop appropriate messaging to drive response from your email campaign.

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Contact Database

Do you have a cloud-based email contact tool, but nothing to load into it? It’s a common situation. We have over 1,250,000 decision-makers in our database, tailored to IT business. Put your email campaigns through Xactlyit — we can get you immediate traction.

Optimized Delivery

We are delivering hundreds of thousands of emails on behalf of our clients every month. Our relationship with the ISPs and our infrastructure is battled-tested and available for you to leverage with your campaign.

Detailed Reporting

You’ll receive regular email performance reports from us, and depending on the extent of the campaign we may set up a campaign dashboard for one-click access to how your campaign is doing.

Best Practices Approach

Leverage our knowledge of email marketing best practices with respect to effective subject lines, blast intervals, email composition/design, and expected response rates. We’ve orchestrated hundreds of successful email campaigns for organizations just like yours.

Email Message Development

Remember that the goal of your email is to a) get opened, and b) generate a click.  Copy that gets in the way of achieving these goals is wasted.  Let us help you cut-to-the-chase with copy and email design that work.

What Clients Say

“We have our own inside sales organization and as the marketing leader I am challenged with providing a flow of prospects for them to call.  Xactlyit has run email programs for me, using their own IT-contact database, that have generated valuable contact records.  They are unique in allowing us access to both the Click-thrus and the Opens from their campaigns.”
Tina Ochoa, VP Marketing, GroupWare Technology

Recent Case

Xactlyit client Riverbed was interested to build up their database of IT executives who have data center and systems responsibility. Riverbed has traditionally been strong in the network silo, and suddenly found themselves needing to build up a data center constituency.  Click here to get some insight on how Xactlyit was able to jump-start this effort.